Aleksandra Yadrova - Russian language teacher on Skype

Специализация /


Владение языками /
Languages spoken

Russian - native, English - fluent, German - intermediate.

Образование /

North-Eastern Federal University (Yakutsk, Russia).
Institute of Foreign Languages and Regional Studies.
Specialty: German studies.

Опыт работы/
Work experience

7th International Jew's Harp Congress Festival, Yakutsk, Russia 2011
5th International Sports Games Children of Asia, Yakutsk, Russia 2012
Interpreting for sports events, opening and closing ceremonies, speeches
Teacher of English language, Yakutsk, Russia 2010-present

Дополнительная информация /
Additional information

I am a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. Also I teach English for Russian students. If you want to improve your language, find out lots of interesting about languages and cultures or just start learning Russian or English – please welcome! Learning a new language is never easy – it is a lot of time spent and a lot of practice.

If you are ready and really motivated contact me. We will make you an individual program which will make studying more interesting and effective. And remember:
“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” (Frank Smith)

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