Екатерина Рябко - Онлайн репетитор: Russian (Русский как иностранный), Английский

Екатерина Рябко

Email: kate_lssmcl@mail.ru

Skype: katelssmcl

Телефон / Phone: +80 66 210 7847

Специализация /

English, Russian

Владение языками /
Languages spoken

English, (Russian, Ukrainian)

Образование /

1) Classic Private university
Master’s degree
Major: philology

2) Classic Private university
Master’s degree
Major: psychology


Intel - Education for the Future,
Business English
The language of Hotel Service and Tourism

Опыт работы/
Work experience

2012 – 2014- English teacher at school №35
2014- 2015- English teacher at courses: “The Station of the Young Techniques”.
2014-2015 – English and Russian teacher at the courses “Daily”
2013-till present - private teacher of English and Russian languages

Дополнительная информация /
Additional information

If you are interested in learning English or Russian with ease, I`m the right person to help you with it. I hold a diploma of Master’s degree in foreign philology and psychology. I teach people of any age and any level. I provide my students with all the necessary material, I use the books of Longman, Cambridge press. My lessons focus on grammar, speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing. I’ve got a successful experience of exam’s preparation. I choose material according to student`s requirements and level I try to find an individual approach for each student. I believe my lessons will not only be useful to my student, but also of great pleasure. You`ll start improving your skills very as soon as you start taking lessons with me..You will get the confidence and skills to attain the results you need. Whіlе stауіng at yоur plаcе, yоu wіll еnjоу аnd bеnеfіt frоm mу frіеndlу аnd еffесtіvе tеаchіng.

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