Elena El Haddad - Онлайн репетитор: Russian (Русский как иностранный)

Специализация /

Russian. General, Business English. General French.

Владение языками /
Languages spoken

Highly fluent (speaking, reading, and writing) in both English and French IELTS certificate, British Council, Moscow; Native fluency in Russian; Basic Arabic.

Образование /

Ph.D. (kandidat philologhicheskih nauk) Daghestan State Teachers training University, Makhachkala, Russia.
Second higher education, Manager Daghestan State Institute of National Economy, Makhachkala.
First higher education, Teacher of English, French and Foreign Literature Daghestan State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Makhachkala.

Опыт работы/
Work experience

– Daghestan State Institute of National Economy (DGINH), Makhachkala:
Affiliated English language teacher.
– Domaine El Boura, Taroudant, Morocco:
Part-time translator in Russian, English and French.
– Club Mr. English, Moscow (NGO teaching establishment).
English language teacher. Provided training to different levels of students from Elementary to Intermediate (children, teenagers, adults). Developed lesson plans. Prepared students for tests with the Supervisory Language Coordinator.
– Daghestan State Institute of National Economy (DGINH), Makhachkala:
Chairman at the faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (DGINH).
Developed Chair plans, monitored teaching process of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. Organized annual English-language student conferences. Supervised faculty. Taught English language, English-Russian translation techniques, and Theory of Interpretation.
Professor of English in the Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, Management, Accounting and Audit (DGINH)
Developed lesson plans for 1st through 5th year students. Taught grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary in management, finance, accounting. Served on the Entrance Examination Board.

Дополнительная информация /
Additional information


In the course of distant teaching I can provide a student with learning materials by e-mail. A student is welcome to ask questions concerning teaching subjects. If necessary, oral practice can be done by Skype.


Foreign Languages faculty graduate with 11 years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to train students at different levels.

General Qualifications:

University Diploma with distinction in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
Eleven years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language in a classroom setting.
Used different kinds of drills to develop students’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Taught using the following textbooks: Cutting Edge, New Headway, Total English, Grammar Builder, Communication Activity series, Business Vocabulary in Use, Marker Leader, New Snapshot, Language to Go, and Mr. English Multimedia Course.
Good knowledge of English grammar, idiom syntax, and pronunciation.

Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with students of different levels and ages.

Administrative experience, adaptable, goal-oriented, motivated.

Lesson price:

15 Euro per 60 min. The video consultation is free of payment.
The individual program is compiled for each student .
You always have a chance to bring your suggestions on in organizing the studying process.
The studying materials are provided.

Lesson hours: 12.00­-14.00 or 18.00–20.30 Moscow time.

With the online course you will learn Russian as to:

– get the basic knowledge of the Russian language
– overcome the speaking barrier and get skills in conversation with the Russians
– write and read in Russian, participate in forums, blogs and social networks in Russian
– get prepared for a trip to Russia and learn about the country more.

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