Hanna Karpenko - Онлайн репетитор: Russian (Русский как иностранный), Английский, Украинский, Французский

Специализация /

russian, ukrainian (native speaker), english, french

Владение языками /
Languages spoken

russian, ukrainian (both native), english, french

Образование /

2015-2016: second-year PhD student in Logic, Bayreuth University, Lille 3 University
• 2014-2015 : first-year PhD srudent in Logic, Lille 3 University
• 2012-2013: Master 2, University of Lille 3
Title of dissertarion: ''The notion of the pistis in Aristotle's philosophy''
• 2011-2012: Master 1. University of Lille 3.
Title of dissertation: "The notion of the phantasia in Aristotle's philosophy"
• 2007-2011: Bachelor degree, National university of 'Kiev-Mohyla Academy', the
major : philosophy

Опыт работы/
Work experience

Professional experience linked to research activity
• 2015-2016: Teaching at Bayreuth University:
Winter Semester : “Introduction to Philosophy” (for bachelor students of Philosophy&Economics
• 2014-2015: Teaching at Lille 3 University :
a) Semester 1 : “Introduction to Logic” (For bachelor students of the Philosophy-Sociology
b) Semester 2 : “Logic” (For bachelor students of the Philosophy-Sociology Program)
• 2011-(ongoing, periodic) : Participation in the translation and edition of ''Vocabulaire européen des
philosophies : dictionnaire des intraduisibles'' from French to Ukrainian.
Other professional experience
• 2014-2015 (periodic): Translator for Administrative Court of Lille
• 2013-2016 (with intervals): tutoring : Ukrainian for not native speakers , English, Russian for French Speakers;
• 2011-2015 (periodic): baby-sitting (France)

Дополнительная информация /
Additional information

I like very much teaching, as could be seen from my profile.
I agree mostly with Communicative Language Teaching Approach.

That is, I consider that the key to a proper language acquisition is interaction.

My lessons consist thus of making students construct sentences by themselves, and making students listen to a lot of dialogues.

From the point of view of the grammar, I find that ability to conjugate verbs and use them with nouns in correct declinations are highly important. So, I try to control the learning by heart of the most important verbs by students.

I usually use one basic textbook, and one collection of audio tracks. And I prepare complementary materials for each session.

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