Full English Experience

The Full English Experience helps you learn English and improve your English listening skills.

Each edition of this bright e-zine is presented by a crew of cool, full English breakfast, characters (a sausage, a slice of toast, a rasher of bacon, a baked bean etc) who each host their own section.

The main feature of every issue is an original audio article, which is also released as a podcast. You can hear the Crazy Aidy series of radio plays, and laugh at how Aidy has managed to get himself into another strange situation. You can also listen to articles about English speaking culture from the ‘Full English Exposé’, and do the culture quizzes, and learn how to avoid getting ‘egg on your face’, that is: learn how to avoid getting into embarrassing situations.

There are two versions of every audio article. One at normal speed, both for advanced learners, and intermediate level learners who want to practice listening to fluent speech. And, one slower version, for intermediate listeners to take their time over and really study. Once you’ve understood the slower version, you can challenge yourself with the faster one and really see your improvement!

All the articles come complete with transcripts, so if there are words you can’t make out, you can see the words you need to listen out for. Many come with follow-up materials, such as comprehension questions and puzzles on the vocabulary used, or even recipes so you really immerse yourself in the English language and English culture.

You can find other materials too, like the ‘Crumbs of Knowledge’ section, which has tips and tricks to help when listening to English, and to help you master English speech. This section concentrates on a specific element of the English language, an important aspect of English grammar or pronunciation, or a commonly made fault, and teaches you how to master it. You’re given examples to listen to and copy, and references so you can listen and practice in a culturally relevant context, like famous sayings, tongue-twisters or pop songs.

So, come along and explore the e-zine, at fullenglishexperience.com or subscribe to the podcast.