If you’ve ever thought about learning Russian before, it’s possible that the Cyrillic letters may have been intimidating or off-putting to you. For most people, it may take days if not weeks to learn how to read Russian. Having to learn proper pronunciation and grammar on top of reading an entirely new writing system can be confusing. Once you become familiar with the Russian alphabet and are able to read without any problems, learning the language will seem so much more within reach.

Glossika’s latest release, the Language Games series, features the Russian Alphabet Game to get you started on your path to Russian fluency. This learning tool was designed to bridge the gap between new Russian learners and a language that may have been thought to be intimidating or too “hard to learn”. Even learners completely new to language education with absolutely zero prior Russian learning would benefit immensely from playing the Russian Alphabet Game.

By playing the Russian Alphabet Game, you can actually start reading fluently in as little as an hour! If you’re struggling to learn how to pick up a new language, this learning tool serves as a perfect gateway to learning how to read Russian almost immediately. Try it out for yourself and see just how effective Glossika’s proven, science-backed methods are.

Just because you may have struggled with learning Russian before doesn’t mean it’s as difficult as you think it is. In fact, the Russian language can actually learned much easier and faster than you could have imagined! Instead of spending dozens of hours using methods that are sub-optimal or may not be effective for you, play the Russian Alphabet Game for just an hour and you’ll notice a world of a difference.

With each stage of the Russian Alphabet Game you complete, get free infographic downloads for Russian print and italic letters as well as a free Ebook guide to Russian pronunciation and grammar. You’ll even learn how to type in Russian while gaining new vocabulary with a massive word bank of over 1,000 words. Don’t have time to finish the game? Not to worry, Glossika keeps track of your progress so you can come back and pick up where you left off from whenever you want. What are you waiting for? Start reading Russian NOW!

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