Introducing Grammatica – a reference of the Russian language built into a text editor. It instantly displays stress marks, inflections, translations and much more.

If you are interested in Russian language and you want to improve your knowledge of Russian, you might want to take a look at Grammatica – a software application that is designed to make reading Russian texts a more efficient method of learning Russian. Grammatica includes several different tools that help you improve your knowledge of Russian grammar, pronunciation and expand your vocabulary.

Learn Russian language easily

Grammatica includes an extensive reference for most words in the Russian language. This allows you to understand how a given word in your text is inflected in a given context. Looking up grammar information inside Grammatica is more efficient than using a reference book as it involves simply clicking on a word in your document. Grammatica does not make decisions about grammatically ambiguous words. Instead it provides a concise summary of the main grammatical features of a given word allowing you to come to your own conclusions about the correct form of an ambiguous word.

Looking up Russian grammar information

Reading texts in Grammatica is beneficial to people who are learning Russian because of the variety of additional information that is included inside a document. Grammatica will help you improve your pronunciation by inserting stress marks in the words of your text. Grammatica can display grammatical information under the Russian words in your text. This allows you to understand not only the meaning of a given text, but also the grammatical properties that govern the way words are inflected.

Grammatica will help you improve your pronunciation

Grammatica makes it easier to build up your Russian vocabulary by including basic translations above Russian words. This makes reading challenging texts more interesting by helping you understand the overall meaning of a particular passage. The translations inside Grammatica are not meant to be all encompassing and they won’t distract a dedicated learner from reading in Russian. They merely act as hints to make reading in Russian a more efficient process.

Build up your Russian vocabulary

Grammatica attempts to give you insights into the patterns inherent in Russian grammar by visually demonstrating how the structure of a text is related to formal grammatical rules. For instance, Grammatica makes it easier to identify the relationship between particular prepositions and the case of the subsequent word. You can highlight all the different inflected forms of a word to see how and why that word is grammatically modified at different points in your text. Grammatica provides you with visual cues to help you solidify your understanding of how different Russian words are related to each other and how Russian grammar is structured.

This makes learning Russian more interesting

Russian text can be inserted into Grammatica from most digital sources. This makes learning Russian more interesting because technical aspects of Russian grammar can be demonstrated using examples from texts that are relevant to your interests. Grammatica allows you take any text (even non-academic texts) and turn it into learning material by providing relevant examples that help you learn various grammatical concepts.

You can download a free version of Grammatica from here: