If you are surfing on the Internet, looking for an app to learn Russian, you don’t want to miss this app – HelloTalk.

After register an account, you could select Russian as the language you are learning, and then you would meet many Russian people who are seeking their language partners.

You can check your partner’s language ability with the bar chart near their name. So for example, if you are an English native speaker but a beginner in Russian, you may want to chat with people who speak good English. Then just look at the bar chart and choose a Russian guy with good English ability. Thus he might teach you Russian by using English. And when your Russian becomes better, you can try to chat with him in Russian more often.

If you want to have a more fair language exchange, you can try HelloTalk’s ‘language exchange’ function. With that, you either talk 5 minutes in English or 5 minutes in Russian. So you get an equal amount of time in both languages.

In addition to this, HelloTalk has some other important features for language learning, such as in-app translation, text-to-voice, voice-to-text, transliteration, and grammar correction, etc. And with this app, you can make free call with your friends who might be in the other end of the world.

Overall, it’s a great app to get in touch with natives and practice a language. Try it, and tell us what’s your experience with it!



Check it from here: hellotalk.com