Improve your Russian with an Interlinear Book

If you want to improve your Russian, try reading an Interlinear translation of Leo Tolstoy. In Interlinear translation, the original text is followed by an English translation below every word or expression. That way the translation allows you to easily understand the words that you would otherwise not be able to understand.

This particular translation includes the full story “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” in the Interlinear format. Here’s what the translation looks like:

Example of the Russian Interlinear Translation of Leo Tolstoy

The story itself is among the most well-known works of Tolstoy, and it provides a great introduction to this classic writer, as well as to the Russian literature.

The translation is made by Interlinear Books. Interlinear Books has already made a number of Interlinear translations, allowing you to learn Lithuanian, German and Swedish. The Russian translation is the most recent, but not the last of their works.