Learning to know Russian

Ever thought of learning Russian? What if we told that it could be both fun and effective?
Our blog is offering something far bigger than regular language learning. How to survive through a severe Russian winter? How to rent a room in the most expensive city in Russia? What is the most difficult part of Russian grammar? Where one can find bears riding on bicycles? These and tons of other questions are covered in this special course for those, who want to find out more about the country and its language.

Denis Ivanov, the co-founder of Learning to Know Russian has introduced this new approach to learning the language through understanding its culture. You will find lost of interesting articles based on author’s personal experience, alongside with helpful words and phrases in Russian that will help you survive through different situations.

Learning to Know Russian is also offering a “Quick Notes” guide with a list of useful Russian words that are applicable in specific situations, for example, “Going Shopping”, or “Medical Aid”, or “Dealing with Money”, and others.

Learning to know Russian

As a bonus from Learning to Know Russian team, you have a chance to sign up for the Language Marathon, which is a two-week intense course of Russian. During this course, you will be able to:

  • explore need-to-know topics about the real Russia;
  • discover rules for learning language efficiently;
  • get personal support from learners and professionals.

Oh, and by the way, it’s absolutely FREE. Consider this an awesome opportunity to take a virtual trip to Russia and get to know more about this country and its language.

Learning to know Russian

The blog is quite new, but it’s growing and has gained its popularity on Facebook. You can join the community of Russian language learners there, share your studying experience, participate in live discussions and get useful tips on mastering your Russian.

One more great advantage of Learning to Know Russian is that they also have a YouTube channel, where Denis Ivanov introduces quite useful tips on making your Russian learning as effective as possible. You will find out how to improve your pronunciation, what is vocal listening, how and why one should write in Russian, how to remember Russian words and much, much more.

So, don’t miss your chance on getting to know Russian and its culture. Make your language learning extremely effective and super fun!

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Learn Russian. Understand Russians.

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