We live in a wonderful time where the Internet opened tremendous amount of opportunities for self-education including learning foreign languages. But for many, learning languages on their own still has a substantial minus: after you’ve chosen your sources, you have to create your learning program yourself combining grammar and vocabulary building with reading, listening, and speaking exercises. It requires a lot of will and collection, and not everyone these days has enough time to do it. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody did it for you and you only had to follow?

A new project Lingualift thought about you and put a lot of effort together to create an innovative, fresh and effective way of learning foreign languages. If you are just starting to learn Russian or already have basics and would like to continue your studies, you should definitely give it a try.

The course is compiled as you were listening to it in the class. The omnipresence of a good teacher feels in the way the course is built and thanks to the online live support. The tutors are there for you 24/7 to not only answer grammar questions, but also set extra reading or exercises and explain the cultural nuances.

Russian Alphabet

Starting from the basics – the alphabet – step-by-step you follow the explanations accompanied by examples with audio. Very well understanding that the main enemy of a good learning is boredom, the Lingualift team took care of adding into the course funny Russian YouTube videos and jokes, interesting references to Russian movies, etc. The Lingualift blog, as well as the tutor/coach support, also makes sure that the students do not get demotivated, offering strategies, tips and study plans to fit every specific learner.


Additionally to that you will find a few online games to master the Russian alphabet, enrich your vocabulary, and practice Russian verbs, as well as a writing practice sheet (handwritten Russian looks very differently from its printed version).

The first two weeks after registration the service is free to use. Besides Russian, Lingualift offers three other language courses: French, Mandarin and Japanese.

We encourage you to try it and spend a few minutes a day with Lingualift. We are sure you will find your self-learning process easier, more enjoyable, and quite effective.

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