is a free resource and community for learning the Russian language with lessons, vocabulary lists, dictionaries, quizzes, pen pals, cultural and travel information, study tips, literature, music, and much more. Some of the most important sections of the site include:

  • Russian Word of the Day
  • Russian Tests and Quizzes
  • Russian Pen Pals Database
  • Russian Verb Conjugations
  • Russian Language Q&A
  • Russian Videos
  • Russian Culture

Perhaps, the fastest way to start learning Russian and stay motivated is to follow the Russian Word of the Day published by the site. Every weekday, a new Russian word is posted online with an English translation, pronunciation and examples of usage. The daily word is distributed directly through the website’s RSS feed, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also review all the words featured during the past month.

The site offers a large collection of Russian tests and quizzes for all levels. You can select from variety of tests on Russian culture, vocabulary and grammar. Evaluate your level of Russian with the Russian Proficiency Test that touches upon all aspects of the Russian language, test your knowledge of facts about Russia, or check how well you know the Russian food vocabulary. If you don’t know the correct answer, the tests and quizzes will help you discover new information about the language and culture.

The Russian pen pals database is a valuable channel for communication with native speakers. Registration is free and provides access to native Russian speakers who ready to help foreigners with questions about their language. If you are a native English speaker, you can provide help with English to your new Russian friends or just educate them about your country and culture.

If you need help with Russian verb conjugations, head to the verbs section where you will find conjugation tables for hundreds of Russian verbs. The verbs are listed alphabetically and are fully conjugated into all tenses and aspects.

The Russian Language Q&A section of the site aims to give answers to questions about the Russian language and usage. The questions are collaboratively edited by users and provide practical answers about Russian grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and certain cultural topics that are important for understanding the language. Some of the top resolved questions zoom in on the gender of word “кофе”, explain the difference in pronunciation of the Russian letters O and A, provide proper responses to such expressions as “Большое спасибо”, and explain the meaning of Russian proverbs.

The site includes a collection of Russian videos to help you learn Russian and get to know the Russian culture. Produced by various authors, the videos explain Russian grammar, showcase Russian music and songs, teach new vocabulary, and give insight into Russian culture.

If you want to really speak Russian, you need to know about the culture too. The Russian Culture section will educate you on various aspects of the Russian cultural heritage, including traditions, family and marriage, names, holidays and cuisine. The growing collection of articles about modern Russia will keep you abreast of the latest trends and developments in Russia.