Ruspod is a new online service to learn Russian which uses various techniques of teaching, including audio podcasts, text lessons, and exercises.

The core part of every lesson is an audio podcast of 15 (give or take) minutes. Two hosts of the show use that time to:

  • read and translate an original dialogue;
  • explain the grammar topic;
  • have a conversation on the cultural topic.

The dialogue from the podcast can be listened to or downloaded separately. The subtitles are provided.

After listening to the podcast, the user can go over the material by reading the lesson on the same page.

The lesson covers Vocabulary, Grammar, gives some additional information on the culture, and often includes useful links to other websites according to the theme of the episode.

Since examination is an important part of the studying process, every lesson on ends with a test that the user can take at any chosen time. The results will be saved in their Dashboard, and will contribute to the overall rating of the user. They can take the test again as many times as they want, until they’re satisfied with the results.

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