Russian language in 25 lessons

“Russian language in 25 lessons” by Artemiy Belyaev is a new book for learning Russian language that will be helpful for a beginner as well as advanced learner.

The book represents essential course of Russian language for 25 simple and easily understandable lessons. The lessons show the structure of Russian language and consist of such important subjects as:

  • Verbs in present, past and future tenses;
  • Genders and plural of nouns and adjectives;
  • Prepositions;
  • Passive voice;
  • Cases of pronouns, nouns and adjectives;
  • Reflexive verbs;
  • Complicated verbs: can, to have, must, to need, to like;
  • Degrees of comparison;
  • Imperative mood;
  • Perfective aspect of verbs;
  • Participles;
  • And other subjects.

Each lesson is followed my many examples. The book also contains additional material: Russian alphabet, rules of reading and phrasebook. Having learnt 25 lessons carefully, one will have logical image of the language and will be able to keep a conversation with native speakers.

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