Russificate – Online Russian School

If you are learning Russian and would like to practice your speaking skills; if you are looking for a professional Russian teacher in your city and cannot find one; if you want to work in a Russian company and need some business vocabulary, or if you are preparing for official Russian exams, then Russificate, an online Russian language school, opens its doors to you!

Russificate - online Russian school

The Online International Russian Language School, called Russificate, opened in early 2013. Its main activity is teaching Russian via Skype using a large variety of courses, both non-specialized and specialized. The range of courses is continually growing. It is also possible to combine courses or take any individual course.

The team of Russificate only includes certified teachers with many years of experience working in some of the most important Russian language schools in Moscow, as well as via Skype. The tutors know each other personally and organize regular videoconferences to discuss the learning process, the course programs offered, and the students’ progress.

Despite being a new school, Russificate already has its base, that grew out of the Russificate blog; this blog has been offering the same services since 2009.

Furthermore, Russificate can be considered a part of a complex of virtual tools, dedicated to learning Russian, including the blog Russificate and the Facebook page with the same name.

The school website is multilingual, offering English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Russian versions.

If you have never learned Russian via Skype, you can check out the detailed explanation of how it works on our site, and you can try the first 60-minute lesson with us for free!

So welcome to Russificate and Russify yourself!