Russificate is a free Russian Language Blog for learners of all levels and Russian language teachers. It was officially recognized as one of the Best Russian Language Blogs 2010 and 2011. It contains a great variety of grammar, vocabulary and communication exercises, podcasts, reading materials, Russian songs with exercises, etc.

The blog is based on interactive exercises, which can be done online. All materials are completely free.
Its author, Yulia Amlinskaya, is a professional Russian language teacher, living in Moscow (Russia), who also offers living Russian language classes on Skype.


The blog is divided into more than 50 sections, some of them are:

  • Russian grammar. Level 1 and 2
    In this section you will be able to practice your intermediate and advanced grammar skills, both theory and online exercises, including some songs. The intermediate grammar section is fully translated into English.
  • Russian vocabulary
    Russian vocabulary exercises divided into the most important topics: City, Home, Food, etc.
  • Russian communication
    Based on dialogues you can come across in your daily life. With podcasts and exercises.
  • Living Russian language, Russian idioms, Russian slang
    Common idioms, colloquial and slang phrases that will help you understand Russian people and enrich your Russian vocabulary.
  • Podcasts
    Every blog post, even the grammar ones, has a podcast recorded by a native speaker.
  • Russian exam preparation. Level 1, 2 and 3
    Online grammar tests for Russian language exams TRKI-1, TRKI-2 and TRKI-3.
  • Russian song of the week
    Russian songs with lyrics and exercises.
  • Grammar box. Level 1 and 2
    Online grammar tests for intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Business Russian. Business Russian tests
    Russian business texts, interactive tests and exercises will help you learn Russian business vocabulary.
  • Tourism. Tourism in Tests
    This two sections, based on texts and online language tests, are aimed at those who are going to work with Russian tourists abroad.
  • Reading in Russian
    The blog contains different types of texts with exercises for intermediate and advanced levels. Especially important is the Russian reading. Real documents section where you will learn how to read original documents in Russian.
  • Listening in Russian
    Original Russian language videos with listening exercises for two levels.

Some other sections are:

  • Russian jokes;
  • Russian famous people;
  • Russian proverbs and tongue-twisters;
  • Living Russian literature;
  • Living Russian architecture;
  • Living Russian history;
  • Our documents;
  • Russian recipe of the week;
  • Russian etymology;
  • Synonyms and antonyms;
  • Russian riddle of the week, etc.

So, visit the site and Russificate Yourself!