Tongue out! The Language Exchange Community

Tongue out! is a language exchange community dedicated to people who love languages. The project started at 26 September 2012 and from its very beginning becomes a haunt of polyglots and language learning enthusiasts. The website is totally free for registering and using!

Language exchange community

The slogan “Tongue out!” is a sympathetic wordplay phrase which includes the playful physiological action of sticking tongue out and the invitation to break the borders and share mother tongue around the world.

Tongue out! provides variety of language exchange activities:

  • searching for language exchange partners by name, e-mail, country, city, gender, native language, spoken languages and more;
  • extensive language practice – messaging friends, chatting online, blogging, practicing foreign languages with native speakers, participating in language related discussions;
  • asking for language help and getting support from competent and educaed people.

In the time of globalization language exchange has turned into an effective tool of language learning and practicing. Its potential is more than linguistics. Language exchange is very close to cultural exchange. Intercultural learning is the best way to find out more about foreign culture, stereotypes, way of thinking, foreign cultural attitudes and practices. Touching to other cultures is a good way to “setting the clock” and to situate yourself in the motley colorful world. Tongue out! is an excellent place to engage with cultures coming from 6 continents!

As a community of educated people Tongue out! provides not only opportunities for language practices and cultural learning but also an attractive possibility for new friendships. Amity between people from different cultural backgrounds leads to more positive intergroup attitudes. Activities that promote the development of interpersonal relationships offer strong potential for enhancing intercultural empathy. Developing a personal relationship can have positive effect on motivation and learning.

As a social networking Tongue out! is based on modern technology and provides attractive tools for a wonderful experience. The site has 3 cute design themes and users can set the default layout they like. The website interface is translated into 8 languages: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Everyone is welcome to contribute with more translations!

Registering in Tongue out! is easy and free. New users can choice to register with their excising Facebook accounts or through site’s register form.

The website gives users opportunity to create and fill their own custom profile. Every profile comes with unique custom link that can be easy shared with anyone the user likes. The privacy options let users to set their profile privacy.

The website has powerful search system that allows advanced search options. Users can look for other users, general information or other tag structured information.

The website provides photo and video sharing system. Users can easily create albums, upload unlimited photos, ad tags and descriptions, fetching unlimited videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

For blog fans Tongue out! has a cute blogging system that gives an opportunity for easy and comfortable entry writing and editing.

In the topic’s section users can start their own discussions or participate in the excising. Users also can create and join groups, create events, post comments, send private messages.

One of the most attractive services of the website is the light chat bar. It’s provides smoothly instant chatting with friends, sending files, playing one-to-one games and single player games as well. Audio/video chat plug-in will be added soon!

The website has 2 newsfeeds – one for “Everyone” and one for “Friends” activities. Users can follow friends’ and non-friends activities and set privacy options of their own activities as well.

The website also comes with a Language Exchange Facebook fan page.

If you are looking for language exchange, cultural exchange or just like to meet new educated friends and spend good time, Tongue out! is the right place!

Welcome to Tongue out! and stick your tongue out to the world!

Tongue Out